IT S290F Human Computer Interaction &
User Experience Design
Take-home Assignment
 The purpose of this take-home assignment is to replace the written examination due to the measures
of COVID pandemic.
 The OES of this assignment is 50% of the course score.
 Total mark of this assignment is 100.
 This is an individual case study assignment.
 OUHK views plagiarism as a serious disciplinary offence. Students found guilty of offences related to
academic integrity will be subject to the penalty of having their subject result disqualified.
In this assignment, you will investigate the user interfaces (UIs) of websites, applications, or systems on your
own exploration, where some of which may provide you a good user experience while some of which may be
poor. Critically analyze the UIs with various design guidelines and principles that you have learned in this
course. Select one UI that gives you worst user experience for a further study. Based on the analysis results,
suggest improvements to the selected UI and justify your suggestions. Implement your suggestions on a
dummy UI prototype with the technologies you have learned in the course. Justify how your improvements
could solve or relieve the poor user experience. Although graphical elements are crucial in pursuing a good
user experience, we do not count them as assessable items in your UI prototype. In other words, a fancy UI
will not give you an advantage of getting higher marks while a UI with a justifiable design will. This
assignment should be written in reporting style, which includes a cover page, table of contents, proper indexed
tables and figures, citations and references, and appendices, if any. Your report should contain the following
1. Introduction
a. A brief introduction of your study
b. Describe two selected UIs with screenshots where one of which gives you a good user
experience while another gives you bad. Include hyperlinks if they are accessible online.
2. Analysis
a. Identify two user roles that would interact with the selected UIs. They can be common or
uncommon to the two selected UIs, i.e., if the roles are uncommon, pick one role for each of
the UIs. Compose a user persona and a user journey for each of the roles.
b. Critically analyze to what extent the UIs (both good and bad) are satisfied with the UI design

guidelines and principles, such as those from Shneiderman, Nielsen and Molich. Include five
of them that are the most significant in your study and use them as a basis for comparing the
two UIs. You may include at most ten screenshots to help illustrating the concerned UI
components or interactions on the UIs to support your analysis.
3. Suggestion
a. Based on the analysis result, suggest improvements to address the issues identified on the bad
b. Implement a dummy UI prototype with your suggested improvements. You should use the
technologies that you have learned in the course, such as HTML DOM, Bootstrap, JavaScript,
ES6, React and more. Again, the prototype does not need to be fancy and glorious. We assess
only on the suitability of the design and correctness in the application.
c. Describe and justify how your new design addresses the issues with respect to the guidelines,
principles, and laws, etc., that you have learned in the course. You should illustrate your new
design with at most five screenshots.
4. Conclusion
a. That is the closing part of your report. Conclude the work you have carried and reflect what
you learned in this study.
1. A 1500 words report (±20%, count only on the main text)
2. A dummy UI in HTML and the accompanied files, such as images, if any.
3. A video clip (at most 2 minutes) that demonstrates the key features of the UI prototype.
Submission Guideline
The submission deadline of this assignment is 4 June 2021 (Friday) at 23:59 (HKT). According to the
information from the Exam Office, extra time arrangement is not applicable to take-home assignments for
students with special needs.
Unless otherwise specified, all deliverable items should be submitted via OLE. If you found difficulty in
uploading a large video file, you may share it over a cloud drive but make sure the file is publicly accessible.
You are advised to submit your work earlier as the submission system may become inaccessible while
approaching the deadlines. In case of submission system failure, please send a copy of your report to me
immediately ( for time recording.


Late submission penalty:
 Within 1 hour after the deadline, i.e. 0:00 – 0:59 (HKT) on 5 June 2021, no mark deduction.
 Late 1 hour to 12 hours, i.e. 1:00 – 11:59 (HKT) on 5 June 2021, deduct 25% of marks awarded.
 Late 12 hours to 1 day, i.e. 12:00 – 23:59 (HKT) on 5 June 2021, deduct 50% of marks awarded.
 Late more than 1 day, i.e. submit after 5 June 2021, receive no mark (0 mark).
Assessment Rubrics
Grade Indication Insufficient
Introduction  Introductory paragraph
is not apparent
 Introductory paragraph
is vague
 Introductory paragraph
is clearly stated with a
 Introductory paragraph
is clearly stated, has a
sharp, distinct focus
and enhances the
impact of the report

Analysis  Incomplete or incorrect
display of literature
 Improper user subjects
are chosen
 Inadequate analysis
 Results are unclear and
 Imprecise selection of
 Insignificant user
subjects are chosen and
 Adequate analysis
 Results reveal some
 Good selection of
 Proper user subjects are
chosen and explained
 Well analysis
 Results reveal majority
of problems
 Excellent selection of
 User subjects are well
chosen and well
 Excellent analysis
 Results reveal all

Suggestion  Suggestion is irrelevant
to the problems
 Suggestion is not
implemented in the
 Suggestion is somehow
relevant to the
 Suggestion is partially
implemented in the
 Suggestion is relevant
to the problems
 Most suggestion is
implemented in the
 Suggestion is strongly
coherent with the
 Suggestion is well
implemented in the

Conclusion  Concluding paragraph
is not apparent
 Concluding paragraph
is only remotely related
to the report topic
 Concluding paragraph
follows and
summarizes the report
discussion and draws a
 Concluding paragraph
summarizes and draws
a clear, effective
conclusion and
enhances the impact of
the report


 Details and examples
are not organized, are
hard to follow and
 Poor layout and
formatting, and not
satisfied the content
 Information is scattered
and needs further
 Decent layout and
formatting and satisfied
some of the content
 Information is logically
ordered with
paragraphs and
 Good layout and
formatting, and
satisfied most of the
content requirements
 Information is
presented in effective
order. Excellent
structure of paragraphs
and transitions
enhances readability
and comprehension
 Excellent layout and
formatting, and
satisfied all content

Grammar & Spelling  Numerous grammatical
and/or spelling errors
 Some grammatical or
spelling errors
 A few grammatical or
spelling errors
 Very few grammatical
or spelling errors

Reference and citation  Resources not cited in
paper or proper format
not used
 Some resources are
cited but not all. Not
formatted correctly
 All resources are cited,
but formatting isn’t
 All resources are cited
and appear with correct

Prototype  Unable to demonstrate
the suggested
 Partly demonstrate the
 Well demonstrate the
 Well demonstrate the
improvements and
showcase a model of
good UI/UX design

Video clip  The purpose and
objective of the video
is unclear
 The video showcases
the improvement in an
unclear way
 The video showcases
the improvements
 The video clearly
showcases the

* Items in the assessment rubrics contribute different ratios in the grading according to their significance.
-- End --